Most Active Smart Home Investors

CB Insights recently ranked the most active investors into unique smart home technology companies since 2012, including venture capital and corporate venture investors.

They define the smart home category as companies producing consumer-facing products that replace or augment existing home products such as appliances. These products must connect to a smartphone or the internet, or integrate sensors and digital interfaces. Continue reading “Most Active Smart Home Investors”

Is Ambient Intelligence the Future of IoT?

An condensed repost from the World Economic Forum

What technology industry analyst firm Gartner is calling “the device mesh” is the logical evolution of the Internet of Things. All around us and always on, it will be both ubiquitous and subtle — ambient intelligence.

In that envisioned future we’ll do truly different things, instead of just doing things differently. Today’s processes and problems are only a small subset of the many, many scenarios possible when practically everything is instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent.

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