Primary Drivers of IoT Initiatives Vary By Sector

Despite the distinct types of IoT initiatives within each industry, just about everybody shares the same overarching goal: staying innovative and competitive. But it’s important to take a more specific look at what is driving IoT initiatives, what benefits are being captured, and some of the unanticipated advantages that arise after implementation. Continue reading “Primary Drivers of IoT Initiatives Vary By Sector”

Tax Implications of the New IoT Business Models

Even as companies race to invest in IoT-enabled capabilities and offerings, many are still struggling to build a robust and profitable business case for them and one issue that looms large is that the tax aspects are generally not being included in the IoT value equation that drives decision-making – a potentially huge mistake. Continue reading “Tax Implications of the New IoT Business Models”

HBR – How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models

Several years ago Gordon Hui, who leads the Business Design& Strategy practice at Smart Design, authored one of the earliest articles addressing the impact of IoT on existing business models.  It is such a terrific point of reference for much of what we will discuss here, I wanted to share it in full.

Continue reading “HBR – How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models”