Tax Implications of the New IoT Business Models

Even as companies race to invest in IoT-enabled capabilities and offerings, many are still struggling to build a robust and profitable business case for them and one issue that looms large is that the tax aspects are generally not being included in the IoT value equation that drives decision-making – a potentially huge mistake. Continue reading “Tax Implications of the New IoT Business Models”

McKinsey – IoT Poised for Strong Growth

A new survey from McKinsey & Company suggests that the enterprise Internet of Things is poised for strong growth. However, there remain many questions about the utility and impact of IoT  in the enterprise since most companies are still in the early stages of implementation. To date, they have only achieved modest, incremental benefits from their enterprise IoT programs. With limited evidence of bottom-line impact, executives are cautious about increasing their enterprise IoT investments, and few have embarked on large-scale initiatives designed to transform their operations or enable new products and services. Continue reading “McKinsey – IoT Poised for Strong Growth”